Currently, Essential Paris offers 3 tours in Paris and 1 Day Tour OUTSIDE of Paris to visit Traditional French Castles.

Additionally we can create a tour for you that caters to what interests you; be it outdoor adventures or a day trip to historic Versailles.

Why Tour with Essential Paris? We feel a magnificent metropolis such as Paris needs an experienced guide to help you and your family maximize your pleasure while you are here. With its vast networks of Museums, Monuments, 20 distinct arrondissements (or NEIGHBORHOODS) and a large scale metro, our guidance will help you uncover the many local tricks to enjoying Paris.  We will help you to discover the City of Light and reduce your frustration!

Choose what fits your Travel Agenda! Read a few of our reviews HERE.

Paris Essentials – 4 hour Tour  LEARN MORE                                                                     





 Paris Essentials + Sacre Coeur basilica  – 8 hours LEARN MORE




Beyond the Essentials 4 hour tour Le Marais + The Picasso Museum



Your own Special Tours Are also Available!  Organizing a Ladies Day out?

We can arrange a trip to Historic Versailles to enjoy an extravagant tea party.

If shopping is your motivation after a 4 hour tour let us direct you to the

unreal flea markets of PARIS!